Founded more than 50 years ago, Ohio Valley Waste Systems, Inc. (OVWS) is a modern residential and commercial trash removal company serving Ohio and West Virginia customers. OVWS, which is licensed in both Ohio and West Virginia, is the combination of two formerly family-owned longtime established businesses now utilizing the latest in equipment and technology. We deliver quality residential and commercial trash hauling at affordable rates to customers in Belmont, Harrison, Jefferson and Monroe counties in Ohio; and Ohio, Marshall and Brooke counties in West Virginia.
We take pride in our business philosophy, as we don't require customers to sign long- or short-term contracts or leases. OVWS also believes our quality services and experienced staff speaks for itself. If you are looking for a locally-owned trash service provider with an "Ohio Valley" flavor, then please call Ohio Valley Waste Systems, Inc. today. Remember "Your Trash IS Our Business!"


"Locally Owned and Operated!"


Ohio Valley Waste Systems, Inc.

55978 Dilles Bottom Road
Shadyside, Ohio 43947
(844) 412-5757 Toll Free / (740) 676-1937
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